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Sing Sing (Ave. A)

Sing Sing (Ave. A)

Among the newest and trendiest restaurants on Avenue A, Sing Sing offers a bar lounge and 15 private rooms for karaoke. It is a perfect place for a get-together with friends after dinner. Large party rooms are available for up to 30 people. OPEN 7 DAYS.

Kazuhiro Soda

Siblings, Maia and Alex Shibutani are reigning National Ice Dancing Champions. After their successful 2015-16 season, Maia Shibutani chats with Chopsticks NY....
What's New?

Hat store, arth, just opened its third location inside the chic TurnStyle mall in Columbus Circle subway station....
Japanese Culture

We dig into the ultimate energy-boosting hot pot dish of big sumo wrestlers; Chanko nabe....
Japanese Recipe

Misako-sensei introduces summery cold appetizer, Asparagus and Shrimp with Umeboshi (pickled plum) Sauce....
Japanese Resaurant Review

Roc N Ramen 914 in New Rochelle serves unique ramen with culinary influences of West Indian culture, home of owner/chef, Wayne Carrington...
Sake & Shochu Sommelier

Takaaki Hashimoto, mixologist at B Flat, creates a julep style cocktail using Beniotome, premium sesame shochu....
Beauty & Health Interview

Hair stylist, Sally (Risa) Takenami, in Tomoko Shima Hair Salon, is new to the city. She talks about her expertise and how she enjoys working in the salon....
Japanese Shops

Formulated with persimmon extract, MIRAI soap works against hard to fight body odor caused by aging. ...
Japanese Language Lesson

Japanese Crossword

Do you know Japanese culture? Test yourself with our fun, new Japanese crossword puzzle...
Travel to Japan

We wish to cheer up the people of Kyushu by appreciating Kyushu products and by contributing to the recovery of the local economy. Here is a guide to Kyushu specialties....
Cool Japan

June is wedding season. We introduce "kawaii" items and ideas that add a cute spice to your wedding....
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